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Installation Instructions
for GAS-STK-501 kit

The GAS-STK-501 gurney attachment system kit is compatible with the following Stryker® cot models

  • 6506 - Power-PRO™ XT Ambulance Cot

  • 6086 - Performance-PRO™ Ambulance Cot

  • 6082 - MX-PRO® R3 Ambulance Cot

  • 6500 - Power-PRO™ XT Ambulance Cot

  • 6085 - Performance-PRO™ Ambulance Cot

  • 6092 - EZ-PRO™ Ambulance Cot R3/R4

  • 6100 - M-1® Roll-In System Ambulance Cot

  • 6550 - Power-PRO™ TL Ambulance Cot

Step by step instructions for how to install the GAS-STK-501 gurney attachment system kit to a Stryker® gurney

  1. Lift the cot mattress away so you have free access to the head frame

  2. Place the lower half of the split clamp as shown on the straight section of the cot head frame tube just below the bend of the frame corner. Be sure the placement allows free movement of the red release lever for elevating the back rest.

  3. Place the upper half of the split clamp as shown with the TOP label outside the frame and facing upward.

  4. Install 4 screws in the screw holes and check the clamp placement as they tighten down to ensure the TOP surface is level with the floor and the clamp is fully on the straight section of head tube.

  5. Back out the thumb screw to allow insertion of the right side mounting arm. The right side angles outward away from the frame when facing upward.

  6. Position the mounting arm in the clamp receiver as shown and tighten the thumb screw.

  7. Repeat this process on the other side of the cot frame.

  8. Position the left side mounting arm so it is roughly even with the right side arm.

  9. Test that the clamp screws are tight enough on both frame clamps that the clamps do not rotate around the frame tube when downward or upward force is applied to the mounting arm receiver section of each clamp.

  10. Restore the cot mattress to its normal position.

  11. Loosen thumb screws and adjust the position of the mounting arms as needed, then tighten thumb screws to secure the desired position.


*Storage tip for when the attachment system is not in use - loosen the thumb screws, remove both mounting arms, swap them to the opposite side of the cot, insert into the receiver clamps and secure by tightening the thumb screws. This positioning tucks the mounting arms out of the way when not in use.

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