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About ACC

Our mission is to create a safer environment for hospital staff, patients, and visitors.

Hospital Employees

Our Story

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Meet The Team

I am the CEO and co-founder of ACC. I am responsible for the strategic direction and execution in building the value of ACC. 


Responsible for leading the ACC team as it creates a novel and radically more efficient go-to market vehicle, this will be used to bring current and future ACC product innovations to the hospital and EMS markets. I have been excited by what we have been able to accomplish in fewer than two years. 


As a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience bringing medical and non-medical product innovations from concept to value exits, I have been responsible for over 35 products. I have been an inventor or lead inventor on over a dozen US and international patents. 


Medical products have included stereotactic breast imaging, MRI image analysis and novel auto retractable safety syringes. 

I graduated from Boston College with a dual degree in Biology and Philosophy.


I am an engineer and product designer who loves to solve problems and make people's lives better, safer and easier. While I am happiest in my lab and workshop creating new solutions to interesting challenges, I also thrive on the back and forth learning and creativity that comes with getting to know potential users and customers at a very deep level. For many years I have watched other companies try to develop their products and services in relative isolation from their customers, and later spent a lot of effort teaching companies large and small about the benefits of getting involved with their customer's worlds, to understand the daily challenges they face, and use that deeper understanding to deliver things that create genuine value for their users.

I earned my Mechanical Engineering degree from M.I.T. and in my first couple of decades I gained experience in multiple engineering disciplines including mechanical, electrical, materials, plastics, software development and IT systems. The past 10 years I have worked much closer with end users, learning, practicing and teaching how to develop great products that meet the real world needs of users and customers.

I've had a great love of the outdoors since I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and I volunteer my time as a Scoutmaster for my sons and about 50 other scouts in our home town. It's a great privilege to help them grow and mature from exuberant children into responsible, capable young adults who seek to improve themselves, their communities and their country.

Our Clients

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