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CPT - Covered Patient Transport


PAC - Portable Aerosol Containment


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All rights reserved. Covered by US Patent: 11071671. 

How Our Products Work

  • Prevents the spread of respiratory pathogens by containing them at the source


  • Allows transport of patients without contaminating the surrounding area


  • Increases efficiency of sanitation protocols


  • Reduces costs by lowering the need for extensive PPE equipment

Meet Dr. Dixon

Product Innovations Work For Patients & Staff


Our CPT (Covered Patient Transport) is ideal for rapid response scenarios where time and portability are of the essence.

Our PAC (Portable Aerosol 

Containment) is just as portable, and adds longer term, complete protection against fully aerosolized pathogens, even when employing aerosol generating treatment procedures like high flow Oxygen, CPAP, and Nebulizers.


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3 Eliot Street

Natick, MA 01760


(339) 222-3206

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